Episode 2×14 - 8 speed reviews, news, deathcar neko atsume and Yogo gorilla mix

May 27, 2017

A huge episode this week in terms of reviews, we check out

Up the wall
Banquet of the damned - D&D Campaign
They bleed pixels
Rogue Stormers
Deadly tower of monsters

All this, Yogo Gorilla Mix, psychotic death cats and the greatest movie of all time

Language waaaaarning!


Episode 2×13 - Sonics, Seths, Dishwasher Smiles and Prey

May 19, 2017

On tonights rainy edition, we'll be talking top sellers, Sonics, Seth MacFarlane, Werehog wank and reviewing The Dishwaster Vampire Smile. Meanwhile Q-Ball will finally finish and do a proper review of Prey. Join in for tea, biscuits, and tuna.

Lots of bad language, big language warning folks!


Episode 2×12 - Superhero games, ongoing failure and Ryan Gosling’s piano

May 12, 2017

Tonight we chat about the best, the worst, and our top superhero games alongside looking at the ongoing travesty that is about to hit Puck with a new tax.

Looking into the weekly news, whats going on in the indie scene, Puck Eurovision performances Blade Running and more!

As per usual language warning


Episode 2×11 - Blizzard confusion, Free comics, Nick cage Mario, Tabletop simulator and AAA fun times.

May 7, 2017

We have a serious case of the 'easily distracteds' this week

On todays show we review tabletop simulator, Q-Ball checks out some AAA titles and we chat through free comics, gaming, bikes, blizzards, bald superman, and the video game hall of fame.

Language warning as always!


Episode 2×10 - Counting to four, indie events, tabletop games, Survive, Sitting ducks and space rogues

April 29, 2017

On tonights episode we check out indie tabletop game Survive, review sitting ducks, and space rogue while we talk about the latest screaming success indie showcase night.

All this and complex triangles!

NSFW and language warning as usual!


Episode 2×09 Easter Eggs, Dragon Traps, Lou Diamond Phillips and Game Addicts

April 22, 2017

Tonight on the show Q-Ball checks out Wonder Boy Dragons Trap on Switch, and we also review Full of Stars and
Deep town between talking about games, Easter eggs and Lou Diamond Phillips terrifying string of movies.

Tune in, and language warning as usual!


Episode 2×08 - War for pixels, indie goodies, move or die, chicken horses, and the worst game Q-Ball has ever played…

April 14, 2017

On tonights holiday episode we discuss Place, an April fools gag which turned into something amazing. Review move or die, ultimate chicken horse and Q-Balls worst game of the year - The God's Chain... We also chat about the exciting line up for this months indie showcase event and free comics!

As always, language warning!


Episode 2×07 - Montaro, Chicken Scream, Underpants and the Inevitable end of the world

April 8, 2017

On tonights episode we check out Cry of Fear, Montaro, Chicken Scream and discuss live subscription gaming and the inevitable horrific virtual and physical end of the universe.

Dont panic, and we hope you enjoy the show!

The usual language warning applies


Episode 2×06 - Molemen must die! Vagante, Transformice, Tabletop, Crap endings and appgarbage

March 31, 2017

On tonights show we review Molemen Must Die, Vagante, Transformice and more. Plus we talk new tabletop games, crappy endings, bad app ideas and movie to video game conversions

All this and f*** knows what else because we lost the piece of paper with the schedule on it.

Language warning... Enjoy!!

Links from tonights show -

Molemen Must Die!




Episode 2×05 - Indie night, engines and getting started with game dev, mobile reviews and deathpeach

March 24, 2017

On tonights episode we discuss some of the complexities, barriers, and (more importantly) where you can get started if you want to create your own indie mobile or desktop game. We review mobile titles Super Cat Tales, Miniature Garden, Golf Zero, Outfolded and Digby, demonic princess peach terrifies us, and we talk COOL STUFF coming at the next monthly Dice and Pixels indie showcase!

All this and Arnie's Sci Fi career in 1 minute... 

Usual language warning applies...