Episode 4×01 - Tabletop Unfair, Vaporum, Aqua Kitties and Cardboard!

March 19, 2018

We're back! A slightly new show format.. well not really, we attempted it at least.

On this week's Episode we check out some new Tabletop with 'Unfair', vaporum, aqua kitties and cardboard!

The usual language warning applies.


Episode 3×14 - Christmas Special, award, and wrapping up the year. You’re welcome!

December 10, 2017

Lanuage warning.. and thats all we're gonna say as we hand out the yearly awards.

Merry Xmas Everyone!


Episode 3×13 - VR, Lans, Christmas ends and lapsing nausea

December 1, 2017

Language warning!

On this weeks show we dive into some VR games and puck checks out the latest South Park mobile game.


Episode 3×12 - Terrible games week! Reviews with gasp, cat mario, storm troopers and dial up

November 20, 2017

That's right, this week we review two terrible games.

Are they terrible? Well, one of them is at least.

We check out gasp, cat mario, discuss the new Battlefront and Puck's new digs.

All that and a huge language and content warning, enjoy!


Episode 3×11 - Arraynium, Dragon Racer, Conexio, Negotiated fights and exuberance

November 10, 2017

On tonights episode (language warning!) we check out local indie puzzler Arraynium, Puck looks at tabletop game Dragon Racer and we discuss the new Brissy gaming venue.

All this and Q-Ball getting chased.. Enjoy the show!


Episode 3×10 - Paris Games Week, Wolfenstein, Subsistence and Pup trouple

November 3, 2017

Language warning.

This week we take a romp through Paris Games week, Puck checks out the new Wolfenstein and we discuss and join review the early access indie game Subsistence!


Episode 3×09 : Twin Robots, 88 heroes, Hudson Johnson and zero tomatoes

October 27, 2017


Howdy there, language warning on this one as we explode twin robots, 88 heroes and

discuss the news of the week.

All this and an inappropriately misnamed disaster movie!


Episode 3×08 - Drunken Heroes, EB Expo, Oldage, Hue, Stash and a piece of garbage!

October 20, 2017

The usual language warning applies on this after our week offline!

This week we look at the release of Drunken Heroes. Plus Puck checks out Oldage, Hue, Stash and another horrific game.

Duck, cover and enjoy!


Episode 3×07 - Cuphead, Rising World, Keanu, Crenellations and Szechuan Sauce

October 6, 2017

Better late than never, our live-recorded-friday-night episode checks out Cuphead, Rising world, Pucks base building skills, movies, rocket launchers and more.

The usual language warning applies.


Episode 3×06 - Freemium, Star Trek, Steamworld Dig 2, Second look at Niche and Tex Murphy’s Telsa Effect

September 29, 2017

Tonight Puck and Qby chat about Freemium Fortnite, Star Trek, Steamworld Dig 2, we have a second look at Niche and Puck reviews Tex Murphy's Telsa Effect.

Forecast : rambling with a light chance of foul language. Thou has been warned.